In-house whitening, which one will you choose?

Teeth whitening has become part of every bride’s beauty regimen, and finding the right one is often confusing. Many brides ask me what is the perfect whitening product I would recommend, one that won’t cost too much as getting your teeth whitened by your dentist, but still obtain great results. In-house whitening has increased in popularity in the past couple of years, manly due to advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This increase is also due to the different in-house whitening products on the market giving the consumer different options. Most of these products contain similar active ingredients and have comparable results.

I have been researching different products on the market and I have chosen four in- house products that hopefully will give you a guide when selecting the preferred treatment for you. I will be showing the progress of the products over series of three blogs over a 14-day period. Four participants have been selected to use these products and I will be documenting their progress with before photos and after photos. This first blog will be introducing each product that will be used by each of the participants. The second blog will be after seven days of treatment, while the third blog will show the end results.

The first two products that I have chosen are chemically based each containing hydrogen peroxide, but one has a higher concentration and only can be purchased through your dentist, while the other one can be purchased in any supermarket or chemist. The third and fourth products are natural, and have become very popular in the last couple years especially through social media.

When using any chemically based whitening products, it’s important to read the instructions of use along with the precautions given to you by each company. The main drawback of these products is the increase of sensitivity to the teeth. I will be also giving you some preventative products that can help you if you experience and discomfort. Please be mindful, if you have veneers, crowns or any other restorations these will not bleach. I also recommend that you start a fluoride treatment two weeks prior using these treatments, as they may help with sensitivity.


SDI Pola Whitening

SDI pola luminate image

This whitening system contains 6% hydrogen peroxide, and can only we purchased through your dentist. SDI is an Australian dental company, and have put a lot of research in their whitening range. There are different delivery forms, but for this experiment the pola luminate will be used. This is a paint on tooth whitening gel and is quick and easy to use day or night for 30 mins at a time. Pola luminate is economical as you don’t require bleaching trays and no chair time. Below is the before photo of participant 1 that will be doing the SDI Pola treatment.  For more information please go to

Participant 1 blog 1

Participant 1



Oral B 3D Whitestrips

Oral b whitestrips

This whitening system contains 5.25% hydrogen peroxide, and can be purchased through any supermarket, dentist, and chemist. The Oral B whitestrips come with an upper and lower strip and are easy to use. Simply place onto teeth and leave for an hour each night, and it claims you will start seeing results within the first week of use. Below is the participant 2 that will be undertaking the Oral B 3D Whitestrips. For more information please go to

Participant 2 blog 1

Participant 2


Carbon Coco

carbon coco

Made will 100% certified coconut shell charcoal, this product claims that it not only brightens your smile, but improve your overall mouth health. This product also claims it removes toxins, stains and plaque from your teeth and wont damage your enamel or gums. Simply wet the toothbrush and dip into the jar and brush your teeth for 3 mins, spit out and rinse then brush with the activated charcoal toothpaste for a further 3 mins. Below is participant 3 that will be using the Carbon Coco. Foe for information please visit

Paricipant 3 blog 1

Participant 3


Bi Carb Soda

Bi - Carb soda

This product can be purchased at any supermarket and is makes a great natural whitening due to its mild abrasive nature. If your goal is to remove deeper stains then Bi Carb soda will not be as effective, this is when you would need to choose a peroxide based product. Participant 4 will be mixing three teaspoons of Bi Carb Soda to two teaspoons of water, although you can use lemon juice.


Participant 4 blog 1

Participant 4


Preventative products

With any tooth whiten, you might experience sensitivity or if the product are too abrasive inflammation or bleeding of the gums. I have selected four products that you will need to purchase from your dentist.

Fluor Protector Gel – This product contains fluoride, calcium and phosphate. These ingredients protect the teeth along with repairing and strengthening the teeth. This product is recommended when your whitening your teeth. You can use this product two weeks prior you start your whitening treatment. For more information please visit

fluor protector

Cervitec Gel – This product protects the teeth, gums, peri-implant tissue and is a must when using abrasive products such as charcoal and Bi-Carb Soda. Is helps and prevents inflammation of the gums while freshens your breath. For more information please visit,

cervitec gel

GC Tooth Mousse Plus – This product contains calcium, phosphate and fluoride, and is recommended for in-house/in-office whitening procedures. It helps provide extra protection for the teeth and assists in neutralizing acid from bacteria in plaque and internal external acid sources. For more information please visit


GC tooth mousse

SDI Pola Soothe – This product contains 6% potassium nitrate and 0.1% fluoride gel. It relieves tooth sensitivity and it will wont interfere with the whitening process. This product can be applied before or after the treatment. For more information please visit



The second blog will focus on any discomfort that any of the participants might be experience along with progressive photos. The third blog will see the final results along with pro and cons of each product. Hopefully, these series of blogs will help you in choosing the right in-house whitening product that will give you the results that you are after.


Feature image -Photo by Francesco Di Tito via Bridal Musings




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