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Wedding planning is time-consuming, confusing, and if unaware of the hidden traps, expensive. The challenge we faced was how to provide information to our ‘Wedztylers’ promptly. And how to keep the information presented, relevant without additional costs.

Print media was a strong consideration; however, we had the following concerns; (1) cost, (2) environmental impact, (3) waiting times, (4) managing emerging trends which would deem the product ‘out-of-date.’

With these challenges in mind, we decided to invest our efforts into providing our ‘Wedztylers’ with an eBook that would keep costs down, environmentally friendly, instantaneous and always relevant.

Welcome to our first e-book Wedding Planner. We want all our followers to be able to access a vast array of information whenever, wherever and however they wish.

What can our followers expect with the e-wedding planner? Firstly, it is not a diary but rather than an ‘on-demand’ resource for couples. It contains timelines, budget tables, tips and advice across all aspects of wedding planning. Below is a snippet of what the e-wedding planner contains.

When first downloaded, the first page is the table of contents, which gives followers a general overview of what is covered.  Here are a few highlights:

  • After the engagement – in this section, couples are guided into setting the date, theme and budget of their wedding.
  • From this, we have created ‘The Checklist’ – starting from 18-12 months before the wedding day to the day of the wedding. The checklist is quite comprehensive, covering topics such as
    • Choosing the ceremony location,
    • How to construct a guest list,
    • When to begin looking for that perfect wedding dress,
    • How to plan for a destination wedding etc.

Our checklists will keep couples on track, ensuring that no detail gets missed.

For those considering a destination wedding, a checklist has been created for this also.

Following from the checklists, we have created categories for specific wedding tasks such as vendor selection, guest seating arrangement, how to organise hens and buck nights, process in changing a name. There is even a beauty regime section leading up to the wedding for both the bride and groom.

Within each wedding task, there are tips offered, a budget table and a to-do list to keep everyone organised. These tips given are based on our exposure and experience over the years.  It is an opinion that we recommend.  The budget tables will keep you on track. Not only that, they will guide your spending, so you invest in what is most important.

Wedding trends emerge; therefore, all updates made will be complimentary to users.



The Wedztyle wedding planner is a downloadable eBook that will assist couples in planning for their dream wedding. It contains comprehensive checklists across all aspects of your day that will keep couples on track and on budget.

Your purchase allows access to all available formats such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It is quick to download and can be taken anywhere, making planning easier.

As new trends unfold, all updates will be at no extra cost.

Some of the topics the Wedztyle eBook covers is:

  • Organising your wedding dress and bridal attire
  • Destination Weddings
  • Budget tables
  • To-do lists
  • Ceremony guide
  • Printable pages

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