Wedztyle is all about how ‘WE’ can assist couples to plan for their day without the stress that can come with planning a wedding. WedZtyle is an eBook that helps couples plan their DIY wedding efficiently.

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WedZtyle Planner

If you want to plan a wedding without feeling stressed by its enormity, then WedZtyle’s e-book wedding planner is for you. Our comprehensive e-book contains everything you need to feel on top of the wedding planning process and confidently host a fun-filled, romantic and whimsical wedding.

Not to be mistaken for a diary, our e-book planner covers information from gown selection to choosing vendors, checklists, and budget tablets;  all aspects of the planning process are covered. Available globally, WedZtyle’s e-book is ideal for couples who are planning a DIY wedding and are seeking guidance and support. WedZtyle is passionate about assisting couples with planning their wedding. We understand how overwhelming planning a wedding can be, which is why we have designed an e-book that is portable, accessible, full of information, and on point with present wedding trends.

                                                                                           What you can expect when working with WedZtyle:

Wedding checklists and budgets: When planning a wedding, having a neat and comprehensive budget is a necessity – it helps you control your spending, stay on track with your expenses and make better financial choices. As for checklists? These are a must-have. How else will you stay organised and not forget anything? WedZtyle’s tidy checklists and helpful budget tracker will keep you organised and on top of things.

Resources: If you have never planned a wedding before, it might be overwhelming to sort through the vast amount of information out there. WedZtyle offers relevant and helpful resources that will guide and inspire you.

Easy planning process: Easy planning process. All the helpful resources in our comprehensive e-book will make the wedding planning process smooth, easy and enjoyable.

Timelines. With convenient timelines in the WedZtyle eBook, you will always be prepared and organised. You will know the ideal time to book in your celebrant, begin shopping for your wedding gown, organise your flowers, and so on.

                                                                                            Here’s what else you need to know about WedZtyle.

Destination weddings. Are you planning a dreamy wedding overseas or interstate? WedZtyle’s e-book contains a destination wedding section that will provide facts on planning, coordinating, and executing a wedding outside of where you live.

Beauty section. We cannot forget to mention the e-book’s beauty chapter! This section provides a range of information that will keep you looking fabulous on your wedding day. It includes timelines on beauty treatments, selecting a makeup artist, how to keep your looking at its optimum, and so on.

Instantaneous and accessible. Wedztyle is all about providing immediate and accessible information. Our e-book is downloadable, and it will constantly be updated to include emerging wedding trends.

Environmentally-friendly. Another plus? WedZtyle’s eBook is all online, no paper, making it better for the environment.

Choosing the bridal party is an integral part of the event. It is an honour for both the bride and her intended party; therefore, asking who you want needs to be done with flair.

Wedding Proposal/Gift Boxes

Wedztyle are now offering Proposal/Gift Boxes for the bridal party. Create your own box or purchase our pre-made boxes. We also personalise you boxes and T-Shirts. 

Each of the boxes offers the following:

  1. Silk Robes and Pyjamas for the day off the wedding
  2. Basic emergency kit to be used on the day. The kit includes band aids, Hollywood tape add; all encased in a beautiful calico drawstring bag. There is plenty of room to add what else you require.
  3. The boxes will include a proposal card asking for that person to be part of your wedding party. These are included in the pre-made boxes. 

Silk Pyjama Sets

Our beautiful silk pyjama sets are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Wedztyle offers a large range of nightwear/loungewear to make any women feel fabulous while you sleep. 


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