Wedztyle is all about how ‘WE’ can assist couples to plan for their day without the stress that can come with planning a wedding. WedZtyle is an eBook that helps couples plan their DIY wedding efficiently.

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WedZtyle Planner

If you’re currently planning your wedding and are feeling stressed out by… well, everything, then you’ll love WedZtyle’s eBook. This comprehensive eBook has absolutely everything you need to feel on top of the wedding planning process and host a fun-filled, dreamy wedding. From information on vendor selection and changing your name to checklists and budget tables, there’s nothing this eBook can’t help you with. Available across Australia, WedZtyle’s eBook is perfect for couples who are planning a DIY wedding and would like a little guidance and support. The creators of WedZtyle are passionate about assisting couples, and understand how overwhelming planning a wedding can be, which is why they have designed an eBook that is portable, accessible, full of information, and is environmentally-friendly. Trust us, by the end of your wedding you will come to think of this eBook as a lifesaver!

                                                                                               What you can expect when working with WedZtyle:

Checklists and budgets. When you’re planning a wedding, having a neat and comprehensive budget is a no-brainer – it helps you be more discerning with your finances. As for checklists? Well, these are a must-have. How else will you know what needs to be done? WedZtyle’s tidy checklists and oh-so-helpful budget tracker will keep you organised and on top of things.
Resources. If you’ve never planned a wedding before, it might be overwhelming to sort through the vast amount of information out there. This is why WedZtyle offers relevant and helpful resources that will give you inspiration.
Easy planning process. All the helpful resources in this comprehensive book will make the wedding planning process fun and enjoyable – you’ll think the process is a breeze. “What are all those other stressed-out brides talking about? Wedding planning is easy,” you’ll think to yourself!
Timelines. With convenient timelines in the WedZtyle eBook, you’ll know the ideal time to book in your celebrant, flowers, get that underarm wax, and so on. You’ll never be disorganised or unprepared.

                                                                                            Here’s what else you need to know about WedZtyle.

Destination weddings. Planning a dreamy wedding overseas or interstate? WedZtyle’s eBook contains a section on destination weddings, which makes coordinating a destination wedding So. Much. Easier.
Beauty section. Lest we forget to mention the eBook’s beauty chapter! This section gives you a rough timeline of when you might want to get beauty treatments done (if you wish to, of course). This way you will look your absolute best on your wedding day and have time to fix any beauty hiccups (i.e. your hairdresser may’ve gone a little overboard on the bleach).
Instantaneous and accessible. The creators of WedZtyle want you to be able to access their eBook even when you’re on the go (it definitely makes the morning commute more bearable), which is why they have made it an eBook. It’s accessible, portable, and won’t get crumpled in your handbag.
Environmentally-friendly. Another plus? WedZtyle’s eBook is all online, so it’s much better for the environment and more sustainable, too. 



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