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Planning a wedding without a clear direction can be stressful. Couples either hire a wedding planner which can be pricy (the average fee to hire a wedding planner is approximately 20% of the total budget of the wedding) or wing it. And those who ‘wing’ end up with a mess and blow their budget out.

There has a big shift within the wedding industry with many couples choosing to plan their own weddings and opting not to hire wedding planners. Depending on the size of the wedding and budget, couples planning their own weddings look for inspiration through socials such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook wedding groups.

I recently received an email from an accredited online course offering a course on wedding planning. Curiosity took the best of me, and I enquired. Having been in the wedding industry since 1997 (showing my age), primarily designing and decorating wedding cakes, the content I received indicated that not much has changed. However, I did notice that couples were being less traditional and adopting for ‘something different’. I will not shock you with the price asked!!!

When designing my wedding cakes, there were so many questions I would ask the couples to understand their vision and ensure that the wedding cake tied into the theme perfectly. Wedding Planning is no different. It is bringing that vision to life and offering the best experience on that special day. And of course, it needs to cost-effective.

Not to take away the value that a wedding planner brings, we have created an e-wedding planner so that couples have a clear and focused guide without the hefty price tag. The wedding planner ebook can be used together with your wedding planner or on its own.

The e-wedding planner provides a methodology on how to plan a wedding. It gives useful tips across all aspects such as vendor selection, destination weddings, wedding dress selection. The list goes on. And of course, it contains budget tables under each section; keeping couples on track.

Our e-wedding planner is instantly accessible and available for download on all devices such as iPhone, iPad and kindles. Once downloaded, it can be used immediately. It is like having a digital wedding planner at your fingertips. But at your convenience.

Another key advantage of our e-wedding planner is that we like to inform our Wedztyle community of changing trends. All updates made are free of charge. Yes, you heard that correctly. No hidden costs. The price you pay, is all you pay.

Give it a go and download your copy. We welcome all feedback, good and bad. Simply head to our website to purchase your copy at


15 Shades of RED

Those who know me will know that when it comes to cosmetics products, it is all about lipsticks. From a young age, I developed a fixation in buying lipsticks in a vast range of colours. The brand was irrelevant. All I cared about was the shade and how I felt when I wore it. I recall the first lipstick that I was given by aunty. It was the perfect brown – not too dark, not too light. It was glossy and it made my lips feel full and pouty. And the obsession began.

In the 90’s, I moved towards matte lipsticks as I found that were pigmented, long lasting although a bit drying depending on the brand. Who could forget Poppy’s infamous opaque lipsticks. Anyone and everyone owned a shade of Poppy lipsticks. One of my favourite shades was Indolence. A nude shade that matched any eye look. And then there was MAC. Their range of lipsticks offered made it my ultimate go-to brand. Whatever lipstick shade I wore, it always matched my mood and look. From day to night, my lips were never without lipstick.

For me, no shade of lipstick made me feel as glamorous, sexy and confident than wearing that perfect red lipstick. It can change your face, your look and your attitude. To this day, this is my preferred colour and as a result, I have accumulated ‘plentiful’ shades red of lipsticks.

Being a brunette with brown eyes and olive skin with golden undertones, I have worn a breadth of reds. I tended to ignore the ‘recommended’ red lipsticks for my hair colour and skin tone. I enjoyed experimenting. From bright reds to dark reds some with blue undertones, some with orange/brown and some with pink. I also played around with different formulas from sheer, gloss, matte semi matte, stains and liquid matte. Over the years, I have developed a ‘few’ favourites. So here are my 15 shades of red:


1. MAC Ruby Woo Known as Retro Matte. Eye catching red lipstick. Intense, striking and beautiful on the lips. Pigmented and long lasting.


red image 1

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2. MAC RED Satin finish – bright hue of red. The satin finish makes the lips pop. Pigmented and long wearing.


red image 2

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3. MAC Russian Red Matte – blue based shade of red. Not as vivid as Ruby Woo but still makes as statement on your lips.


      Image supplied by google –


4. Dior 040 – Marilyn Matte lipstick. Long lasting, rich and deep in colour. The lipstick goes on very easily, giving the lips an intense finish. The packaging adds to the sophistication of the lipstick and the brand.


red image 4

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5. Dior 014- Dolce Vita Matte, long lasting and non-drying. Vibrant red. Bold and daring. The perfect shade of red. Again, the packaging adds to the sophistication of the lipstick and the brand.


red image 5

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6. YVSL Lipstick –Rouge Pur Couture 01 Matte finish, quite pigmented. Pure red colour. Hydrating and glides on easily. Elegant packaging.

image 16

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7. Bodyography Lipstick – Red China Semi-matte. A true red that makes the lips look divine. A hidden gem!


image 7

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8. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Mysterious Red A 2 in 1. A warm red hue that is moisturising and long lasting. This pencil is velvety smooth, making application easy.


image 8

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9. Chanel – Rouge Allure A must for every red-loving person. Intense, luminous and incredibly moisturizing. Brilliant packaging. Chanel is engraved within the lipstick. The lipstick barrel comes out when you press the golden base.


image 9

Image supplied by google –


10. Chanel Number 14 Passion Satin matte finish. This shade of red is vibrant and daring. A true red.
image 10

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11. Chanel Number 104 – Passion Deeper red. Intense hue. Lips feels moist and sensuous


image 11

Image supplied by google –


12. Kat Von D – Hellbent Rich, deep red. Also known as crimson red. This lipstick makes a statement. Lips look sexy and pouty. Hydrating, long lasting and rich pigment.


image 12


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13. Buxom – Provocateur Full bodied semi matte. A true red that is vibrant and bold. Hydrating, extremely pigmented and lasts all day. The name says it all!! Stila – All Day Liquid Lipstick This lipstick applies wet and dries to a matte finish. Quite moisturising therefore non-drying. True to the name, this lipstick is long lasting. Incredibly pigmented range of colours.

image 13

Image supplied by google –


14. Fiery Intense full red-blooded colour. Makes the lips look full and sexy.


image 14

Image supplied by google –


15. Beso Pure red. Bold, daring and vivid. Lips looks seductive and sensuous Application is everything when wearing a red lipstick.


image 15

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There are many tips online where you can be guided on how to apply on a red lipstick. I make sure that my lips are well moisturised. I then use a lip liner where I define my lip shape and lightly fill in my lips. I do this to ensure that I get a nice even finish. I then apply the lipstick directly from the bullet. What I do is dab the colour into my lips until I get the dimension of red I desire. For those who are uncomfortable in wearing a red lipstick, don’t be. Own it. With so many shades of red, it is a colour that can easily transition from day to night. Don’t be afraid to play around with various colours, formulas and brands. Find what makes you go ‘wow’ when you put it on your lips. Create your own 15 shades of red!

Foundation- What’s your colour?

Choosing the correct foundation that matches your skin tone can be a frustrating experience. How many times have you picked the wrong shade? It is either too light, too dark or worse still, the wrong tone? On the day of your wedding, your foundation needs to be right in both the tone and coverage.

Here are some tips to assist you in selecting the correct tone and shade.


Undertone refers to the colour that is beneath your skin. Foundations come in 3 undertones:

  • Warm – if your skin has yellow, gold or peach tinge
  • Cool – if your skin has pink, red or blue tinge
  • Neutral – if your skin has neither pink/red/blue nor yellow/gold/peach but somewhere in-between. Olive skin colour tends to be categorised as neutral

So how do you know what your undertone is?

You have a Warm undertone

  • Veins on your wrist are blue or purple
  • You burn quite easily in the sun
  • Silver jewellery flatters you the most

You have a Cool undertone

  • Veins on your wrist are green or olive
  • You tend to tan easily
  • Gold jewellery flatters you the most

You have a Neutral undertone

  • Veins are blue-green
  • Your skin doesn’t contain any obvious pink, olive or yellow undertones
  • You can burn but also tan easily
  • Both silver and gold jewellery flatter you





Now that you have identified your undertone, you have to choose the right foundation best suited to you.

Here where it becomes complicated. There are numerous types to choose from;

  • Cream
  • Oil-based
  • Sheer
  • Mineral
  • Matte
  • Oil free
  • Whipped
  • Stick
  • Powder
  • Waterproof

Once you determined your undertone and the type of foundation you prefer, you now need to select the correct shade. Sounds all too complicated doesn’t it? But there are some handy tools out there that assist in finding that perfect shade for your complexion. Here a couple of examples:

Mecca Australia have the Foundation Finder.

foundation 2

It begins by asking you the type of coverage you are seeking:

  • Sheer
  • Medium
  • Full

It then asks you for the type of finish you want

  • Dewy
  • Natural
  • Matte

It then asks you for your skin type

  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Oily

Based on your choices, you will be given various brands to choose from. This is a good starting point. The disadvantage with using this is that you need to know your skin undertone in order to select the correct shade.

L’Oréal Paris have quiz that you can take on their website. What I like about this is that it matches the foundation to your undertone. It asks a series of questions such as

  • What happens to your skin out in the sun
  • What colour are your veins
  • What colour combinations work best on you
  • What colour jewellery flatters you the most
  • What is the colour of your hair and eyes

Based on your undertone, it will provide a recommended shade. Once again, this is also good starting point in choosing the shade of foundation that gives you the most coverage.

foundation 3

How do you pick the correct shade?

A good way to check find the correct shade that gives you the desired coverage is to apply a bit on your neck and test in good lighting. Where possible, I test it outside in the natural light. Unlike your face or décolletage, your neck does not get the same level of sun exposure so the neck area is a good guide to see which shade gives you the most coverage.

Do not be afraid to try different brands. Not all brands have the same level of coverage. What I do is pick a shade based on my undertone then select a 3 different shades ranging from light, medium to dark. I place a streak of each on my neck then pick the shade that I see the most. This means that I am getting the optimal coverage.

If you do not feel confident in selecting your own shade, ask for assistance.

If you are using a makeup artist, do not be afraid to test the shade of foundation they pick for you. You don’t want the wrong colour!!

How do you know if you have the wrong colour?

  • If you look washed out then you have gone too light. I recommend going one shade up
  • If you look to dirty then you have gone a bit too dark. Try going down one shade
  • If you look too pink, try a foundation with a yellow undertone or even neutral. The same applies if you look too yellow

If you cannot find the correct shade for your undertone, try different brands. Not all foundations are the same. Beige from one brand can look completely different in another brand. As I mentioned, do not be afraid to experiment with different brands!

Whether you are doing your own make-up or engaging in a make-up artist, the shade and coverage needs to be correct. One thing to keep in mind when selecting your foundation are your photos. The shade of foundation should be in-line with your photo locations otherwise you run the risk of your face looking too light or too dark.




Welcome to my first blog! I’m so excited to blog about all things weddings. It can be very overwhelming for couples who begin planning their wedding. Let’s face it, unless you are in the know, you really don’t know that the reception you just booked will be what was promised or that the cars you hired will even turn up.

Wedztyle has been created to eliminate all those uncertainties by giving couples useful information, dos and don’ts. It will cover a range of topics, such as choosing the right wedding dress, what to look for in a venue, themed weddings, topics that will steer couples in the right direction.

And in an effort to help you find the correct florists, hairdresser etc, we will be working with various suppliers (handpicked by us) that will offer all couples reliability, assurance and great savings. The current suppliers that have joined Wedztyle include:

Mikheal East – Personal Trainer.

Mikheal has been a full time personal trainer since 1993 teaching in Australia and overseas. Mikheal has lectured in various institutions and have written fitness articles that have been published. Mikheal has created personal training packages to get you and your bridal party extra fabulous for your special day. Please following the link http://mikhealeas7.wix.xom/wingephysique


Alessandra Argese – Fashion Stylist

Alessandra has worked for the esteemed fashion house of Dolce&Gabbana in Milan and has been styling different industries in Australia. Having a fitness and fashion background, Alessandra has a sound knowledge of a woman and man’s physic and what looks great. Please email her


John from Dreamingtree Studios is a wedding photographer skilled at transforming simple moments of pleasure into the most memorable snapshots of a lifetime. With hisorganic approach to photography, John strives to capture romance, emotion and perfection as a true reflection of each and every individual wedding. Together, along with families and friends, Dreamingtree Studios create the perfect day to be remembered forever capturing your special occasion in a way that is uniquely you, so you can focus on what’s most important… Each other. To contact John:                                                                                              E:      
P: 0403618960

dreamingtree 8

Each week month we will also feature ‘weddings’ of the month. So if you want us to blog about your wedding, follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Instagram and twitter @wedztyle



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