How to choose the perfect Wedding Day hashtag #

What Is Your Wedding Day Hashtags? 

Lately, we have been getting couples asking advice or suggestions on creating a personalised hashtag for their wedding day. Wedding day hashtags are on the increase in popularity. The hashtag was created by Chris Messina for twitter in 2007, and ever since then they have become the norm. Hashtags are a perfect way to get your guest involved, allowing them to tag you into their favourite’s picture from your wedding day. Couples who are unsure of how to create their hashtags, I can make it easy for all.

What are hashtags?

Firstly, why are hashtags even used? A hashtag is a way of connecting a brand, topic, event, or theme to social media platforms. It creates a connection to your intended audience. For a wedding, the chosen hashtags will create an engagement between the wedding couple and their guests. As your guests tag a post, it will become visible on the corresponding hashtag page. 

To start creating hashtags, consider unique ones that are specific to your wedding and your guests. Personalised hashtags mean that you are not sharing your wedding photos with other couples. 

Below are three simple steps in creating the perfect hashtag(s).

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Step 1. Start with the Couple’s Names.

There are so many variations you can use with this first step. You can either choose your firsts names, last names, nicknames, or event better mesh your names together.

Below are examples you can use:















Get creative with your hashtags, make them simple, authentic, and catchy. These should reflect your personalities and the theme of your wedding. Please do not make them too long, as you want your guests to be able to remember them when using the hashtag. If you are having issues creating a hashtag, try a hashtag generator. 

Using a hashtag generator create fast, useful, and most relevant hashtags for your specific event and social media platform. Below are just a few that I found Google.

Any search engine you use, will bring plentiful options to choose from. 

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Step 2. Creating a hashtag

Once you have chosen the hashtags for your wedding, begin tagging photos of your wedding to those hashtags, so you can start to create your hashtag page.

Recommendations are to take photos of the planning process such as you trying on dresses, flower ideas, cakes ideas, location ideas anything leading up to your big day. Also, include images of the wedding shower, rehearsal dinner and any other festivities.

Step 3. Giving your hashtags to your Guests

Now that you have chosen your hashtags notify your quests, so they are following your hashtag page. Suggestions include:

  • Include a special note with save the date or wedding invitations
  • Add them to the ceremony program, place cards and seating charts
  • Use a framed sign and place this next to the guest book or gift table
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Tips for Facebook/Instagram and Twitter

  • If you have private profiles tag posts, they will not appear publicly. If you want to make them viewable to all, change your profile to public 
  • You are only able to tag your posts, no one other people’s photos/videos.
  • Using fewer hashtags will make it easier for your guests to engage. Please keep it to no more than eight tags on a post. Excessive tags such as 30 on a single photo/video mean your comments will not post. 
  • Avoid use punctuation, as no platform will be able to read them
  • Place hashtags in the caption for the most impressions

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