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The words ‘clean beauty’ seems to be used frequently amongst cosmetic and skincare brands. Phrases such as ‘natural’, ‘vegan’, vegetarian’, ‘organic’, and ‘animal-free’ are synonymous to clean beauty. From my point of view, clean beauty equates to chemically synthetic-free ingredients which in theory should be better for your overall health, particularly over a long period. It covers cosmetics, skincare, dental, hair, fragrances, the list goes on.

Putting the rise of clean beauty into perspective, a report published by the Statista Research Department in 2019 projected the natural and organic beauty industry to grow to $22bn by 2024. (Clean Beauty Gals, 2019).

Like food, there is a difference between vegetarian and vegan cosmetics. Vegetarian-based products are derived from an animal; an example would be beeswax, produced from bees.

A further example would be red and purple based pigment cosmetics such as eyeshadows that are derived from carmine. Carmine is extracted through beetles and small insects. As the product is derived from an animal source, it is vegetarian. A beauty product that substitutes red dyes with real foods like strawberries and beets would be considered vegan.(, 2020).

Over the years, I have gradually moved towards organic, naturally derived skincare products. For me, using skincare products that have been made from olive oil, geranium, rose etc., have seen my skin look and feel better. My skin does not feel as clogged and heavy after putting on various skincare products.

Recently, I have changed my approach towards cosmetic products and now actively source brands that are natural, vegetarian, vegan and animal friendly. The change came about after years of wearing red and purple based eyeshadows and pencils, to end up with itchy eyes and sometimes conjunctivitis. It was frustrating as I was unable to wear these colours. It reached a point of enough is enough. After researching the web, I read about carmine and where it is sourced. It was then that I learnt the difference between vegetarian and vegan cosmetics. The products I was using were vegetarian, so I sourced vegan alternatives. Now I wear red and purple eye-makeup without eye irritations.

More cosmetic brands are offering vegan lines recognising people’s preference for products that are ‘cleaner’, and one can argue better for our health. We have put together a list of brands across various categories to guide our wedztyler’s into purchasing clean beauty products.


The brand offers PETA certified and cruelty-free; all their products are vegan. I use their red and purple shadows and liners which are quite pigmented and long lasting. Diverse range of products ranging from skincare to cosmetics – click on the website for details.



Luxurious brand. One of our favourites here at Wedztyle. Hourglass has recently made the commitment to be 100% vegan by 2020. Until then, be mindful that not every product from the brand is currently free from animal-derived ingredients.  (Jowett, 2019)


Cover FX

The entire range is cruelty-free and vegan (except for MintTint FX & MintGlaze FX). (Jowett, 2019).


Morphe Cosmetics

Morphe now offer a complete 100% vegan range. Check out the range by clicking on the link below. It includes make-up brushes and skincare.


Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte is brand that offers high quality sourced ingredients that are cruelty free. Not all the range of products are vegan.  Vegan based products are clearly identified, making it easy to select those products. Check out the range:

Image :


Offer vegan products. The new range Nanoworks Gold is vegan and sulfate FREE. Great for restoring dry brittle hair.

Image :


For all those men out there, shaving cream that is made with only plant-based ingredients – does not contain aerosol, petrochemicals, detergents or artificial fragrances no soap.

The products offered are produced environmentally, ethically free. A family business that supports fair-trade.

Image: https://www.

Dr Bonner’s extensive soap alternatives. Most impressive.

Other sites that we recommend that have a comprehensive range of vegan made products across all categories are:

  • Nourished Life which offers over 7,852 toxin free products

  • vegan made easy – offers a vast range of products that are vegan derived, including food.

Google is your friend when searching for organic, natural, vegan based products that are animal cruelty free, palm oil and toxin free. For our wedztyle couples, we are offering alternative products that we believe are better for our health. Explore what is out there!!

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The Power Of a Concealer Part 2

Part 2:

Following on from my previous article, so what other concealers are worth considering. Obviously most of you would engage in a makeup artist for your wedding. But for those who are looking to do their own makeup and for any pre and post wedding events, below are three concealers that I find fulfil the claims they make and are easily accessible in Australia.

Cover FX cream concealer

I found the cream concealer to be comparable to AmazingConcealer from Amazing Cosmetics. It has a similar consistency and the coverage is fantastic. Being a thick consistency, you need to really work the product into the area. However, you can still build it up to obtain the desirable amount of coverage. It boosts that is clinically tested, gluten free and vegan friendly with no nasties such as parabens. This is a huge plus.

The Cover FX has a shade system which covers a lot of skin tones. It comes in 3 different undertones;

P=Pink, N=Neutral (equal parts pink and golden), G = Golden. The lower the number, the lighter the shade. For example, if you have a pink undertone, you would select the N series in which you have 3 different shades to choose from; each being three percent darker than the previous shade in the series.

This is a bit confusing especially if you don’t really know what your undertone is. They recommend you start with the N series. If you find it too pink, then your undertone is Golden. If it is too yellow, then your undertone is Pink. I was quite overwhelmed by this shade system so I took their advice and started with the N series.

The Cover FX range of cream concealers retail at $40 and can be easily purchased from Sephora Australia. Unfortunately, the N series seems to the most popular so it tends to run out of stock quite easily. To overcome this, I would recommend, you go into the store, confirm your shade and order it online.

Kat Von D – Lock-It Concealer

I really like this concealer. It is creamy and blends in really easily. Being so highly pigmented, the coverage is amazing. What I like about it this concealer is that it is long wearing, probably due to the fact that it is oil free. I hate it when concealers wear easily. It layers quite well so you can get the optimal coverage you are after.

When choosing the correct shade, The Kat Von D Lock-It concealer isn’t as complicated at Cover FX. It just doesn’t have the same extensive shade range but in saying that you have a choice of 9 shades.

The Lock-It concealer retails at $32 from Sephora Australia. Again, availability can be an issue. Once again, I recommend you identify your shade and order it online

Becca – Ultimate Concealing Crème

Whilst in the US, I visited Sephora (as you do) and asked for them to recommend a concealer that provides good coverage, is long lasting and doesn’t feel too drying and cakey. I was recommended to try Becca’s concealing cream. There is no doubt that this concealer does hide dark circles and it is quite light weight so you build up the coverage without it sitting into your fine lines. But to get the most out of this concealer, I was recommended to use the under eye brightening concealer.

In Sephora Australia, both these products retail at $50 each. Thankfully, in the US, the price of the Becca concealer was half that. The coverage is better when you combine the two products. But in all honesty, I just tend to use the concealer on its own as it still covers nicely. On special occasions, I use the two products together, just to get that extra bit of coverage.

What I like about this product, is the delivery system. As the product comes in pods, the product seems to last. The delivery system is much more user friendly and has less wastage when comparing it to concealers in a tube. It also comes in 12 different shades.

Like I have mentioned previously, concealers are a personal preference. Regardless of which brand you choose, make sure that you get a concealer that gives you good coverage, is long lasting and gives you a flawless look. These three that I have recommended are my personal choice. And from my personal experience, they all deliver what they say. So for any of your pre and post wedding events and even on your big day, these concealers might be something to consider.

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