Emergency Beauty Kit with Frame Bridesmaid Box

$ 83.80

Box Includes:

Illustration Framed
  • Green Fashion Image
Starter Emergency Kit: 
  • 1x Panty Liner
  • 1x Intimate Cleansing wipe 
  • 1 x Double Dare, All-Purpose Sanitizing Wipes, 10 Wipes
  • Hollywood Fashion Secrets, Fashion Emergency Kit, 14 Pieces
  • 1x Gold eye mask
  • 1x Face mask
  • 1x Makeup remover single
  • 1 Pair Nu-Pore, Moisturizing Foot Mask
  • 1x Oral B Floss
  • 4x Safety Pins
  • 4x Hair Pins
  • 1x Calico pouch
Proposal Card
  • Will you be my Bridesmaid


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